Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Weeks' Notices

My goodness! I can't believe I've hardly touched the computer a full fortnight- let alone posted! But the adventures I've had, let me tell you...
Thursday is when it all began. Thursday, September 14th, a day I returned a few books to the Library. Browsing among the shelves there I met a curious man- Randolph Carter- youthful despite his one-hundred and thirty-six years. We fell into pleasant conversation and I invited him to take tea with me, as it was waxing late in the afternoon.
He told me of many adventures through the realms of dream and waking, of Dylath-Leen and his whirlwind journey to Unknown Kadath. Of course hearing of these wonders, and others, made me realize I had much magic to catch up on, and I departed immediately to befriend Pickman and the ghouls myself. And such stories they had to tell! I know I was there for an inordinate period, for their meeping, and the glibber of the ghasts, is not to be learnt at once.
I eventually returned to Earth on Friday Sept. 21, by way of Griffith Park Observatory to watch the Endeavor on its last flight across Southern California! After a brief respite at home, I embarked on a world tour with the Night Circus, and in a flame of inspiration I designed several outfits, joyfully within my power to stitch together at a later date, and wore several others.

In parting- for I have new friends to make in Geneva via the Artic (guess! guess!)- I leave you with this:
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