Monday, February 4, 2013

Style: Broken Dolly

I feel I must apologize for my fortnight absence. I've been working most evenings- when I was used to taking photos- and then I got a very, very nasty virus that was going around at work. So far I've been doing okay today, but my throat is sore.

In the photo I'm holding an antique doll my grandmother gave me, one she and her sisters played with as children. It's in fairly good condition (the fact that it has all its limbs and most of its paint is impressive for its age) and looks quite creepy.

I really need more paper-doll style skirts. I have a few and I like how they look, they're just hard to find long enough for my legs. No higher than two inches above my kneecap, or I look silly.

H&M shirt, thrifted American Apparel skirt, Talbot's tights, Merona shoes, Claire's necklace (altered), vintage belt.

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