Saturday, July 27, 2013

I was tagged for a thing.

I was tagged by 1666x30 at Mutant Stomp Friends for a unnamed post project that's been floating around! Thanks, 1666x30!

Now, several 40-hr workweeks later, I've completed the post. :)


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Five things you need everyday:

1. My phone, to listen to music on the buses to work
2. A huge book to read on the buses to work- I tear through books!
3. My sketchbook. My imagination exists in a state of overdrive and drawings are how I relieve it.
4. A salad. My diet is 75% raw veggies.
5. Silent, me time.

Five books you would recommend:

1. The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe. Around here that goes without saying! I own three copies: an unabridged, forty-year-old paperback, a leatherbound B&N to replace the now delicate and much loved paperback, and another B&N leatherbound containing twenty selected stories illustrated by Harry Clarke, which I bought primarily to introduce my brother to E.A.P., but also for the awesome illustrations!
2. Jane Eyre (my original pick) Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, is not as often recommended, but equally gloomy and good.
3. Frankenstein. Nothing like the famous monster of the, I sympathized with the creature; almost human, starting out innocent but turning to vengeance after being rejected based only on his terrifying appearance.
4. The Night Circus.
5. The Picture of Dorian Grey. Beside the excellent storytelling, it's absolutely fascinating from a moral and cultural standpoint.

I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm just going to sub it out here-
Five materialistic wishes for birthday presents:

1. A Bauhaus anthology. (It's my favorite. band. ever. I grew up listening to Peter Murphy.)
2. Bauhaus band shirt. The bat kind.
3. Bulgari Black Perfume
4. A marathon of Stanley Kubrick movies. I have the movies, now I need the time!
5. Or a Quentin Tarantino marathon. (This would actually involve buying a few movies- my collection is sadly lacking.)

Five places you want to visit (in no particular order):

1. Alaska
2. Athens
3. Baltimore
4. London
5. New Orleans
...but I just realized the order is alphabetical!

Five adjectives that describe you:

1. Intelligent
2. Confident
3. Eccentric
4. Graceful
5. Strong-willed

Five things you would say to people about life:

1. Face your fears. Do things that you find frightening at least once (But use common sense! No walking down darkened alleys, please!).
2. Make adventures out of every day!
3. Learn something new every day.
4. Wear what you love. 
5. If you've been together two years but you can't see yourself married to the person, it's time to move on.
That's it.

Five bloggers I've tagged:
1. A Candy Apple Romance
2. Alice Lost & The Monster Brigade
3. SpookyUniversity
4. Dreams of Black Lace
5. A darker kind of fashion

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