Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Style: Hide-and-Seek

Took me an hour on each hand! But well, well worth it.

Coldwater Creek dress, thrifted vest, Merona shoes, self made floral headband.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Please Excuse The Mess

I'm trying to change the blog format, and though I've cleared all my customizations, backgrounds, etc., the blog appears the same to me as always. I don't know if that's true for the rest of you. If it isn't, Style And Graphite must have some strange colors going on; I'm trying to figure it out and fix it as quickly as possible. Please bear with me! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Music: Stumpside

Rasputina - Stumpside

Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY: Vampire Valentines

Fighting... the... banner placement...

*clears throat*
This is the first time I've participated in The Vampire's Day Soiree, and I must say I am utterly charmed by the idea! Since I found Holly's blog through Little Gothic Horrors during a nocturnal interweb rampage on the 12th, I was very occupied in drawing together my post on the 13th. I hadn't previously considered posting my (homemade) valentines, but this is an awesome way to showcase them! I actually had to make another set of valentines since I had already given the originals away, but I had some leftover materials so it wasn't too hard.

"Bite Me" is cheesy, I will admit, but cheesiness is an important facet of Valentine's Day and vampire culture. :P
Then I had loads of fun inventing twisted valentine sayings for the cards; they are written in my signature lipstick, a bloody brick red by Revlon.  There was also a "Will You Bleed Mine?" but it was in tiny writing and didn't come out well photographically.
Okay, so that last one is not vampiric, but I'm trying to be honest here! I'm fascinated by the beauty of sugar skulls, and I had a few skull valentines in the mix. There was also an identical one to the skull, but with my black lipstick kiss in the middle.

Goodnight and enjoy your Valentine's!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Style: Broken Dolly

I feel I must apologize for my fortnight absence. I've been working most evenings- when I was used to taking photos- and then I got a very, very nasty virus that was going around at work. So far I've been doing okay today, but my throat is sore.

In the photo I'm holding an antique doll my grandmother gave me, one she and her sisters played with as children. It's in fairly good condition (the fact that it has all its limbs and most of its paint is impressive for its age) and looks quite creepy.

I really need more paper-doll style skirts. I have a few and I like how they look, they're just hard to find long enough for my legs. No higher than two inches above my kneecap, or I look silly.

H&M shirt, thrifted American Apparel skirt, Talbot's tights, Merona shoes, Claire's necklace (altered), vintage belt.

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