Saturday, September 29, 2012

Makeup: Love and Wine

The post title is inspired by a half-fragment of a song in a Louisa May Alcott story, A Whisper in the Dark. It just rather caught my imagination!

"Plumwine" lipliner by undecipherable company, Revlon Twilight lipstain, Hard Candy felt tip eyeliner, for the cheekhearts. Same lipliner and stain on lippies. Hard Candy eyeliner and shimmery burgundy shadow on eyes.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Weeks' Notices

My goodness! I can't believe I've hardly touched the computer a full fortnight- let alone posted! But the adventures I've had, let me tell you...
Thursday is when it all began. Thursday, September 14th, a day I returned a few books to the Library. Browsing among the shelves there I met a curious man- Randolph Carter- youthful despite his one-hundred and thirty-six years. We fell into pleasant conversation and I invited him to take tea with me, as it was waxing late in the afternoon.
He told me of many adventures through the realms of dream and waking, of Dylath-Leen and his whirlwind journey to Unknown Kadath. Of course hearing of these wonders, and others, made me realize I had much magic to catch up on, and I departed immediately to befriend Pickman and the ghouls myself. And such stories they had to tell! I know I was there for an inordinate period, for their meeping, and the glibber of the ghasts, is not to be learnt at once.
I eventually returned to Earth on Friday Sept. 21, by way of Griffith Park Observatory to watch the Endeavor on its last flight across Southern California! After a brief respite at home, I embarked on a world tour with the Night Circus, and in a flame of inspiration I designed several outfits, joyfully within my power to stitch together at a later date, and wore several others.

In parting- for I have new friends to make in Geneva via the Artic (guess! guess!)- I leave you with this:
Taken from

Friday, September 14, 2012

Style: Stripes and Spiderwebs

It was too dark to take photos outside so this is my room. DIY'ed bat decals on the walls, with a sewing machine desk on the right and my bookshelf on the left... see my POE?

IT'S SO HOT OUTSIDE. GAAAAAH. Makes black-and-covered-up... difficult. But I wore my brand-new tights, with a pattern reminiscent of large webs, anyway.

Claire's choker, Wal-Mart tee, Saver's shorts, Merona tights and ankle booties.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Style: Lace, Armor, and Sw/T (again)

I hung out at the park today... no work, so I could be just as dark as I pleased!

No, I'm not in pain right there... caught off guard. But I think it's a pretty photo anyway.
Claire's gloves, earrings, my own choker, Sam's Club scoopneck, Salvation army vest, Saver's Lee Riders shorts, Talbot's hose, Merona ballet flats.

This shirt with the vest kind of looks like armor to me. Delicate, swirly armor.

I'm cleaning up my blog tags... since I'm strongly Goth now a 'goth' tag seems redundant. So instead... I'll make a 'before' tag. Also, instead of separate shorts, tights, and skirts tags, 'shorts w/ tights' and 'skirts w/ tights.'

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jewelry: Cage the Moon

This has been a Really Good Week. Wednesday my mother and I tried on clothes at work. And bought some. For me, the most elegant, beautiful, cape-sleeve, drape-back, above-knee, lavender dress I have ever seen. Thursday I went to the library. Friday I went on a bunch of errands including Roger's Gardens and found wonderfully done lenticular photographs and a Tim Burton-ish not-real-pumpkin squashed albino jack-o-lantern, and then a REAL, small, pumpkin utterly abandoned in the parking lot that I adopted. I actually hopped out of the car to rescue the poor thing. Saturday, my dad's birthday (homemade cake!), birthday shopping for my mother's birthday in three weeks, and I finally worked up the courage to ask a co-worker if she is Goth (she is!).

Also, I redid an old necklace I had never gotten to look quite the way I imagined, like I had trapped drops of moonlight or water in a delicate beaded cage. Now, I have, by switching in white pearls and using a four color gradient in the seed bead strands.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Style: Ragamuffin

It's September, so I can wear scarves and boots and caps now, right? RIGHT?!?!
Never, decreeth the gods of California. Thou shalt swelter till the New Year.
Darn it! sayeth I.

I had to deconstruct my outfit mid-morning because I was roasting... but I got some good shots!
Beh, the shadows are awkward. Sorry.

Borrowed hat; scarf, v-neck T, shredded jeans, boots, all Target slash Merona. DKNY leather bag my brother found in the garbage a year or so ago. (I'm not even kidding. I took it in and gave it a good cleaning, and it's in great condition. Seriously, I want to know which of my neighbors was crazy enough to throw away a perfectly good high-quality leather purse.)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly Theme Post: Someone Special + DIY

Woot! The Monthly Theme icon linky works! Yay!
So this will be me and my brother 'Gloombat,' who is one of my best friends. We're very, very close. We usually complete each others' sentences, and if one of us trips up on words the other can finish!
We are both wearing striped shirts layered under black add-ons and black jeans. He has sneakers, I have Merona heels, an H&M rose in my hair, and Claire's rose earrings.

Sorry, both outfit shots are blurry. We were using the timer function!

 The makeup was inspired by this drawing I made, which was in turn inspired by my braces:

The face shots turned out great- probably because we could switch to taking each others' photo!

I did both of our faces in matching lipstitches; he has an extra stitch over one eye, I have pink and purple shadow and caked on mascara to achieve a Dead Doll look.

Here's the DIY:
I have one pair of black jeans and I love them, but they were boring me... and since I can't wear jeans to work, I didn't have to leave them 'nice,' so into the workshop they went!
I sliced horizontally in one-inch increments, all the way from the hem to mid thigh.
Then I ran water over them and threw them into the dryer, which is how you fray destroyed jeans, and which resulted in the texture shown in the photos above.

Half done!
Otherwise they would stay all smooth like this.

And not look awesome like this.

The inspiration:

Maison Martin Margiela jeans
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