Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jewelry: Cage the Moon

This has been a Really Good Week. Wednesday my mother and I tried on clothes at work. And bought some. For me, the most elegant, beautiful, cape-sleeve, drape-back, above-knee, lavender dress I have ever seen. Thursday I went to the library. Friday I went on a bunch of errands including Roger's Gardens and found wonderfully done lenticular photographs and a Tim Burton-ish not-real-pumpkin squashed albino jack-o-lantern, and then a REAL, small, pumpkin utterly abandoned in the parking lot that I adopted. I actually hopped out of the car to rescue the poor thing. Saturday, my dad's birthday (homemade cake!), birthday shopping for my mother's birthday in three weeks, and I finally worked up the courage to ask a co-worker if she is Goth (she is!).

Also, I redid an old necklace I had never gotten to look quite the way I imagined, like I had trapped drops of moonlight or water in a delicate beaded cage. Now, I have, by switching in white pearls and using a four color gradient in the seed bead strands.

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