Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life: Book Auction in my Neighborhood

A bit of awesomeness happened to me over the weekend! My local library held a silent auction, and I won The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll- I can't wait to pick it up today (too busy yesterday) and dig in!

I had also made a bid for The Spiderwick Chronicles Field Guide, although I didn't get that one. I wonder who got it... for a long time I was only one who wanted it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jewelry, Or Why I've Not Been Posting

A Turkish-American co-worker asked me to make these pieces for her, to wear to a wedding she's attending today. I had to create a design, find the materials, and put it together in two weeks!

It's a choker and jhoomer (a headdress that hangs perpendicular from the hairline to over the ear) made of salt- and freshwater-pearls (fifty, between the the pieces!), red Swarovski crystal, and 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver, plus a bunch of glass seed beads.

I sold it for $250!

(Also: I've been getting more hours at work (and I'm about to head there right now), so while I've been taking outfit photos I just haven't found time to post! It's a funny reverse of when I first started my blog, when I had LOTS of time and struggled to make new outfits every few days. XD)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Style: A Lengthy Look

Today my family and coworkers kept commenting how tall I looked. I think it 's the black slim-pants-and-boots combo: it stretches the visual.

I like my hair today. It's smoothed and tame. :P

Talbot's top and pants, Merona suede wedge booties, my own cameo necklace

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Style: Baroque Print Tee

We're watching the Presidential Debate right now! Verrrry interesting.

(New!) thrifted tee, Claire's apple necklace, thrifted Lee Riders shorts, Talbot's tights, Merona motorcycle boots

Monday, October 15, 2012

Style: For Errands

It was cold and raining around here last Thursday, when I took this outfit shot. Since then it's heated right back to nearly 90*F! (Sorry, can't make that little circle. Too tired to figure out how.) I had to run a bunch of errands- Thursday is shopping day- and needed to be comfortable.

No makeup, since I was worried it would get smeared or smudged, and my skin was clear anyhow.

Merona tee, Claire's fingerless mesh gloves, thrifted skirt, grey Merona tights underneath for warmth, Merona boots.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Style: Shish Kebabing Shoes and Pretty Velvet Skirt

I meant to make a post yesterday, but I got food poisoning instead. No fun!

Today I'm wearing a new thrifted skirt, a Susie Rose button-down, Claire's earrings and choker, my own bead ring, and thrifted stilettos. Stilettos with very pointed toes.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Style: Very Stripey

Work look again! I like to push the boundaries between "conservative" and "extra from a Tim Burton movie."
My only beef with my new pants is the very, very low waist. I prefer higher. But! Pinstripes!
Thrifted H&M vest, Walmart tee, unknown belt, thrifted Limited pinstriped pants, thrifted Gucci purse, Merona watch, Claire's rose cuff, Merona wedge booties.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Style: Tuxedo Inspired

Only time for a freakishly short what-I-wore-to-work-yesterday post, as I am busy altering new thrift store finds! (Also... it is difficult to type with sticky computer keys. C, D, H, K, R, and W are suffering, as is the spacebar. I blame a certain family member for insisting on eating while computing. :/ You know who you are. Cut it out. :P)

My own choker, altered Target blouse, thrifted H&M vest, Claire's cuff, Merona watch and shoes, thrifted belt, Talbot's pants.

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