Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Style: New-ish Ruffled Lace Top

I had to replace the buttons on this shirt when I brought it home from the thrift store. They used to be flat and shiny, utterly incongruous to the fabric. I bought new buttons to match the fabric, and I love the outcome!

Thrifted lace blouse, faux alligator belt, Talbot's pants, Merona flats.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sequined Jacket, 5 Ways

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Style: Goth'ed Up

So nice to get dark ("Too dark!" sayeth Mother) for grocery shopping on Thursdays. I know I'm off that day so I can dress to please me!

Thrifted lace top, DIY' Merona jeans + dark green tights, motorcycle boots, Claire's jewelry.

Sheer lace back: one of the reasons I like this blouse so much!
There's about ten minutes between my forward-facing shots and the back-facing shot. I can't believe how quickly the sky deepened to twilight!

I look so awfully grim in this shot; 'tis the face of a girl trying not to crack a smile whilst her mummy teases her from the doorway.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Style: Grey

But that's okay with me, because silver is my favorite color! My skin looks better against grey than any other neutral, and I've found all my favorite hats are grey; I just don't look good with black on top of my face. However, that does not mean I'll stop wearing all-black any time soon!

I'm been battling early morning/ late evening chill and mid-day heat all in the same days! Bother. It makes dressing for work- where I take the bus, then freeze in an aggressively air-conditioned mall- tough.

*New* leopard print fedora from Walmart, Claire's earrings, self-made pearl necklace, Sam's Club tee, vintage belt, thrifted wool skirt, Merona flats.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Style: Lace In Layers

Claire's chandelier earrings, self-made necklace, thrifted lace vest, Talbot's lace front tank and dress pants, vintage belt, Trotter's lace applique loafers. (The loafers are new. My mother bought them for me at Nordstrom's Rack!)

Hey, look, I'm standing in a wind machine! This was the best photo, mostly I'm squinting from the blasts of dry sharp air. It's skin-shriveling Santa Ana season... last year I got so dried out my nose bled eleven times in one day, constantly it seemed; very horror-movie-ish. Fingers crossed that incident never repeats itself!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style: Steampunk Gentleman

Although, as I am said gentleman...

Thrifted button-down, thrifted vest, Talbot's pants, Merona wedges, ancient snood, Claire's earrings, self-made compass charm necklace.

I suppose I am dressed as if I was a Victorian woman who had had to masquerade as a man to gain access to the fantastical Time Traveling Machine. Now, she's come to the modern age, and she's amazed (but delighted) to see women wearing pants like nobody's business. (Which of course is true.) Exploring, she enters an overgrown, enclosed plaza she landed near. In the stores within she finds many curiosities of technology, such as portable music devises, flat metal sheets you can read entire books from, and cameras that show the image on a screen as soon as it is taken! She even finds a little jewelry shop that caters to all sorts of tastes, where she picks out a pair of ornate earrings that remind her of her own time.
Wandering by a quaint antique shop, she stops. No one else seems to notice her or it among the modernity; at least, all walk by without a sideways glance. As she steps in, ringing an old bell above the door, a white haired man unbends from the counter he is arranging a row of tiny glass bottles on...

"My dear Ana," he smiles, looking surprised in spite of himself. "How have you been? Why, over one hundred years passed since you fell off our map."

I love, love this vest- I'm a sucker for a pretty vest- though since it's a man's, it's a little bulky in the waist. (When you're trying to look gentlemanly, that can certainly come in handy.)

Made this! I love the compasses, though I rarely get to use one. I have a fairly good sense of direction that serves me well in getting back to camp if I'm separated. I always carry one in the wilderness, though, just in case!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monthly Theme: Hosiery...

...And How To Wear Crazy Legwear At Work!

I really love this pair of hose- it's sheer black with black diamonds connected with dots, and very subtle.
Merona hat, self-made jet bead necklace, thrifted velvet top, thrifted skirt, Talbot's hose, Merona shoes.

These are new and very, very bright red! It's nice to have a splash of color in an unexpected place.
Talbot's scarf (it has tiny high heels printed all over it, I love it), Land's End shirt, thrifted skirt, Merona tights and shoes.

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