Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style: Steampunk Gentleman

Although, as I am said gentleman...

Thrifted button-down, thrifted vest, Talbot's pants, Merona wedges, ancient snood, Claire's earrings, self-made compass charm necklace.

I suppose I am dressed as if I was a Victorian woman who had had to masquerade as a man to gain access to the fantastical Time Traveling Machine. Now, she's come to the modern age, and she's amazed (but delighted) to see women wearing pants like nobody's business. (Which of course is true.) Exploring, she enters an overgrown, enclosed plaza she landed near. In the stores within she finds many curiosities of technology, such as portable music devises, flat metal sheets you can read entire books from, and cameras that show the image on a screen as soon as it is taken! She even finds a little jewelry shop that caters to all sorts of tastes, where she picks out a pair of ornate earrings that remind her of her own time.
Wandering by a quaint antique shop, she stops. No one else seems to notice her or it among the modernity; at least, all walk by without a sideways glance. As she steps in, ringing an old bell above the door, a white haired man unbends from the counter he is arranging a row of tiny glass bottles on...

"My dear Ana," he smiles, looking surprised in spite of himself. "How have you been? Why, over one hundred years passed since you fell off our map."

I love, love this vest- I'm a sucker for a pretty vest- though since it's a man's, it's a little bulky in the waist. (When you're trying to look gentlemanly, that can certainly come in handy.)

Made this! I love the compasses, though I rarely get to use one. I have a fairly good sense of direction that serves me well in getting back to camp if I'm separated. I always carry one in the wilderness, though, just in case!


  1. Oh I love this look! I've been looking everywhere for a nice vest like this. Although, in my case, I would probably add some darts (and hidden pockets, hehe) for shaping in the waist. I'm a fan of casual steampunk, it works very well out and about.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm seriously considering altering this to skim my curves; my brother has an identical vest in an identical size that I could probably borrow when the occasion calls for it. (And when he grows out of it- which he surely shall- all mine! :) )
      A detail I love about this vest is that it has functioning pockets at the waist, perfect for holding the owl-face pocket watch I bought and am tinkering. I can't wait to wear them together!


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