Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Answer to Elenor

Elenor of Live Life, Laugh and Live Longer, made a post challenging other Goths to answer her questions on what Goth means to them. I found it by seeing this post AsylumAlice's blog, and it looked so interesting I wanted to join in! (Then, while this was in draft, Amy Asphodel made her own post about it, so it appears to be making the Goth-o-sphere rounds pretty quickly!)

I'll do my best!

 1. "What does Goth culture and being a Goth means to you?" Well, I''m not an 80's TradGoth, so some might question my Twoo Goffiness. I view the subculture from a wider, more inclusive standpoint.
I was attracted to the fashion and style of RomantiGoth first. I think I've always loved the rich dark styles of Goth fashion, but I noticed that the people who wore them were all viewed as flaky and immature, and I didn't want to be seen that way. At the same time, a lot the people I was comfortable around, the ones I liked talking to, the ones who didn't think I was weird and/or mutant, were alternative- some were Goths and some Punks.
I grew up listening to classic rock, then heavy metal... and Peter Murphy on repeat throughout... (to find out a last month that he was frontman for Bauhaus- I was surprised, amused, and very, very happy) and lots and lots (and LOTS) of classical. So for me the musical influence really cinched it down.
 2. "People mostly believed that the Goth culture is into dark and death, etc. If you have a chance to shout something in their faces about the POSITIVE things that Goth culture had brought to you, what it is and why?" I used to be quiet, and annoyed with my appearance because I never fit the "golden Cali girl next door" ideal that is all around me here in... California, and therefore never fit in. I had a very different aesthetic I wanted to achieve that was not blonde and tanned and foolishly flirty. I'm introspective and thoughtful, with the family gift of a flexible face, I love storms and snow and cloudy days (I expect to move to Washington state someday...), ravens and dark gothic literature, and listening to classical music and operatic rock with the curtains drawn. For me, finding Goth was finding out there were a whole SLEW of people like me out there- it was a giddy feeling.
  3. "What positive and good things does the Goth culture had brought to you that change you as a person?" I'm more comfortable in my skin now! I can be spooky and pale within the armor of my own mind. For the most part I've stopped worrying what strangers think of me. And it's made it easier for me to find others with the same aesthetics.
 4. "Why did you choose to be a Goth?" I always enjoyed the activities, fashion, and imagery associated with it, so it was a natural step for me to make- to turn what I liked into what the world saw.
 5. "Does being a Goth is another way of self-expressionism?" Yes, of course! I express myself with Goth the same others express themselves with preppy or boho.
 6. "My parents said: 'Goths are cool. But, please stop playing funeral songs.' Do you agree in the first sentence?" They are people, some good, some bad. I don't indiscriminately like all people based on the amount of black they wear, I watch how the speak and treat others.
 7. "My sister says: 'Goths wears cross. But, they're into dark things and such... Do they believe in God?' Do you?" Since Goths are normal people, they probably have religions as varied as any other slice of the population. I'm an orthodox Christian; I don't wear crosses, and plenty others don't either. It's a personal choice.

Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Safety Pin Cuff Bracelet

I was browsing through my blog roll a few weeks ago when I came across this post on Asylum Alice's blog, Aversion to Color. I loved the safety pin bracelet and had to make one of my own!

The photos don't really do it justice... I will have to see if I can take some better ones.

I really liked to part where I put beads on the actual pins. I never would have though of that.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Style- Mixed Textures/Prints

Do I look... startled? I was trying to look like a curious brought-to-life doll!
I really like mixing prints. I'm not quite sure if a lace overlay skirt technically counts, but I'm using it as a black-and-white anyway. And the rose was a serendipitous touch that really worked!
Other people liked it so much too that I got a couple comments from not-creepy, young people on the bus. So that was nice.

Yes, anyway- in conclusion of today's lesson: to achieve good looking outfit with mixed prints, make sure your prints share two or more colors!

Walmart tee, H&M rose pinned to neckline, safety pin bracelet, no name belt, Talbot's lace skirt, Merona watch and heels.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Style- New Black Lace; Patterned Stockings

DEFINITELY one of my best FusionGoth looks! Originally I had spiderwebby fingerless gloves, which they let me wear (surprise!) but I think those may have been startling the (older) clientele so I removed them.

I bought the black lace tank and patterned hose from Talbot's last week, worn with Talbot's necklace, no name belt, Merona watch, Brooks Brothers skirt, and new four inch heels I scooped up for 8 bucks+ tax at a Target clearance. I like them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Makeup- Inspired by Willy

 I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today, and may have figured out a reason I love top hats and frock coats so much... watching Willy Wonka in my youth. I really like his style!

Since my hair looks a bit like Johnny's from the movie right now, I decided to create a look inspired by the character, with bold brows and deep purple lips, a scarf looped round my neck. The brows I'm keeping for everyday- I really like the strength and dimension they give my face.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Style- Autumn is coming! Autumn is coming!

How do I know? Because my store has the September clothing line in, an it's replete with black, lace, black, black-and-pine green foilage patterns, black, capes, and more black.

What it boils down to is- now I can wear black at work! Woo-hoo! And I want to buy their pretty, pretty clothes!

(Note- I didn't wear the black lipstick until I got off work, because I didn't want to scare anyone. I also didn't wear my hat during work hours, but there was squealing when I put it on to leave. :-P)

Talbot's top and necklace, thrifted Cato skirt, "stolen" Aerosoles pumps, Merona watch.

Um, anyway... sorry I haven't posted in over a week! I took some extra shifts at work, I've been DIYing, and I'm drafting a long wordy post that's coming out, hopefully, within the month.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gravestone Headboard DIY

I lost all my original photos form the crafts I've been doing to a Mama glitch, so I had to start over. Thankfully, I hadn't begun painting with black yet, so you can get the general idea of how I started.

My dad saves large sheets of cardboard to turn into targets, so he let me have one to use.
I also used a pencil,
sheets of paper,
tape measures,
an X-acto knife,
nitrile gloves,
a can of grey spray paint,
a can of black spray paint.

I cut the top of the cardboard freehand into an arch. Then I took it outside and gave it several coats of grey paint for full opacity. It sat in the garage a few weeks while I did the stencils.

I'm a perfectionist, so I measured everything to find the best size for the letters. Each capital letter is two inches tall and one to one-and-a-half inches wide, each lower case letter is one to two inches tall and one inch wide. I drew out the letters in the back of my sketchbook and cut them out with an X-acto Knife.

Here are two completed stencils:

The stencils were then spaced approximately four inches from the outer edge of the cardboard...

...and spray painted. HERE was my first word and got a little gloopy, but I quickly figured out the correct distance and angle to hold my paint can. My name was the next stencil and is blocked out to protect my identity.

Completed! I wore nitrile gloves through the whole project to protect my hands from paint stains.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Style: A Self-Serving 'New Loot' Post

I bought a new skirt at work on Thursday. Thanks to patience and an end-of-season clearance, it was 30 bucks... $100 off the original price! It is black lace overlay on an icy pale pink skirt shell. Even though I usually wear a US size 6 and it's a 4, it's a wee bit loose- I guess it just runs large or something.
I love it!

Worn with elbow-sleeve button down, black patent faux croc belt, and Merona bracelet watch and shoes.

Worn to work with altered, sleeveless ruffled blouse and my own pearl-and-cameo necklace.

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