Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Style: Shish Kebabing Shoes and Pretty Velvet Skirt

I meant to make a post yesterday, but I got food poisoning instead. No fun!

Today I'm wearing a new thrifted skirt, a Susie Rose button-down, Claire's earrings and choker, my own bead ring, and thrifted stilettos. Stilettos with very pointed toes.


  1. I love love LOVE this outfit. Every detail is just perfect. Especially that skirt!! You look positively elegant.

    1. Why thank you!
      I've had a love affair with velvet since I was nine or ten, starting with a slate blue floral skirt-and-jacket combo I wore for parties. I am now incapable of resisting the allure of velvet, especially floral velvet, and I'll wear it on pretty much anything!
      Also, flutter hems or handkerchief hems. They look like magic. :)


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