Monday, January 2, 2012

Arkwork- Tribal Fashion Sketches

I'm pushing my mother toward another shopping excursion to Saver's- the more often one goes, the more likely one is to find something awesome. These are some sketches of what I hope to find (and one way I would style it).

First off, I love safari- and military-inspired clothes. I have a thing for olive. Despite apparently being a "Winter" in color palette, olive brings my skin, hair, and eyes to life.

I already own the shirt, which I wore last week. Pleated, high waisted olive pants, jade alligator or python print belt, mauve socks with short black gladiator sandals

Next, a quirky look: slim black vest over multicolored ethnic print bikini top over navy tissue tee. Yes, those pants are a fast sketch of Balenciaga Spring 2010. (I wish!) Suede lace up wedges and perforated black leather gloves (they came up grey in the photo).

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