Monday, February 20, 2012

Artwork: Lunatica

Coming up for air after reading Bram Stoker's Dracula (I just got my claws on it! So far I love it!) for five straight hours (Not unusual behavior for me. I completely zone when I'm reading.)- I realized I had yet to publish today's post! Ack!

Yes, her name is rather... melodramatic. But! In the great fellowship of Witches Who Tend to Ideas and Places, Lunatica oversees the mad, bad, and terminally insane.
Herself being not quite all right in the head, she loves to disrupt, with the most twisted and topsy-turvy schemes, the plans of the neighboring kingdoms- whose armies dare not venture into her lands. She maintains a close friendship with Carabosse (or Maleficent, as she is known to mortals); they share Circe of Greek myths as an aunt.

The sketch originally lacked the magenta background, and the only colors seen were her eyes: her pale greenish irises and bloodshot whites. They weren't standing out as I wanted them to, so in a fit of boredom I carefully filled in the white paper with tiny pink loops, of graduating depth. (It took a while). Anyway, it worked!

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