Friday, March 16, 2012

Eighteen Candles On My Cake

I had a lot of fun tonight. My family took me to a vegan Vietnamese restaurant, which even my dad (a "bacon! pork! beef!" person) enjoyed. The Gluten-Free chocolate cake my mother baked is awesome. She decorated it with mint-colored butter-cream icing, her specialty, and some of my pansies (which are edible flowers, BTW). I've compiled photos of most of what I received, minus the OMG JUSTIN BEIBER PIL-POW AND ALARM CLOCK! Aiiiiiii!!!

(Please re-read above with a heaping helping of sarcasm.)

Let me clarify.
It is a long running tradition in our family that a birthday present (usually the first) is a gag gift. It started when my father generously gave my brother a Bag of Farts, a garbage bag he blew up and tied off. Last year I gave my brother an old shoebox filled with his own Legos, labeled "Box of Parts". So knowing what I think (or maybe, don't think) of Justin Beiber, it was a PERFECT gag. Oh, I love them.

Now, to what I actually got:
Lace, chain, and enamel heart choker (to be DIY'd, in a succeeding post)
key-shaped charms
Merona bangle-bracelet watch
OPI nail polish in Malaga Wine and Black Cherry Chutney
China Glaze Magnetix in Pull Me Close and magnets

ombre scarf

Mossimo shrug

My mother also rented Animal Farm and 1984 from the library, which I have been trying to get my hands on for a while. I just finished Animal Farm- it's a very quick read!

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