Friday, March 9, 2012

I am The Cat Whisperer

I need a bit of a break from fashion, so I'll post about something out of the ordinary that happened!

About three weeks ago my brother and I were digging up rose bushes for my mother when he spotted a large black cat at the end of our street and pointed it out to me. I love cats, so I quietly walked over to see if I could make friends with it. It was tagless, what my mother calls "wild domestic": not an alley cat, but a house cat turned onto the streets. It was a long haired angora, with beautiful soft fur. I coaxed it into the house where I gave it some food and water, and later we turned in over to the animal shelter, where they will probably adopt it out immediately. It was really sweet!

This wasn't an isolated incident- I have tamed birds and other cats- and due to this my mother has taken to introducing me to as follows: "This is my daughter, Merrihel. She's like Snow White with the animals- she tames them and they come to her. Like Gisele in Enchanted!"

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