Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Style - Scarf Love

This week has been all job interviews and dropping off of applications so I wore what's tried and true (and already been posted on the blog!).

I've been re-reading my blog and noticed one giant problem: lack of information. Most of my posts are, "I wore such-and-such, here is a photo to prove it" and I have no helpful information about clothes and dressing, nothing interesting to read, no personality. I am changing that, starting today.

I don't believe I've ever posted an outfit with one of my favorite items: the Really Big Scarf. Any color and pattern you like is fine, any material, and it's one of the most versatile accessories you own! It's really nice for summer wear as a top- which is what I'll be showing today.

First off, when you buy the scarf, make sure it's large enough to wrap and tie around your hips and when folded into a triangle to cover your torso from neck to high-hip. This is important!

I've found two good ways to tie it. One way is to make a knot in the center of the scarf, and position it at your breastbone. Tie two adjacent corners around your neck, the other two adjacent corners around your hips. This flatters flat and large busted women equally.

The second way is a simple halter. Fold the scarf diagonally into a large triangle, tying the two points of the triangle opposite the fold line in a small overhand knot. Position the knot at the back of your neck, your head though the loop, the other two points at your sides. Tie the loose ends around your waist and tuck under. (You can also give the scarf an extra twist before the last knot.)

I wear a plain tank top underneath for everyday. Ir you're going to a party, you could skip the under layer.

Thrifted scarf, Mossimo tank, Merona jeans, Aerosoles pumps, vintage bangles.

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