Friday, November 18, 2011

Style- Pretty, pretty

These photos (courtesy of the self timer) came out looking gently softened. I think it may have been the light- the sun was setting and turned the whole western sky gold and sky blue, but it was overcast right above us.

Thrifted Old Navy Jacket, vintage silk blouse, Land's End Shorts, Mossimo flats; Claire's clock necklace, grey freshwater pearl necklace

This is what I call my "fairy-tale princess" outfit. I rarely wear pink, though as my mother consistently reminds me it makes my skin glow, but it's nice on occasion. The blouse's loose fit has a relaxed, romantic feel to it. The whimsical necklaces complete the effect, and the military jacket balances it perfectly.

I made the grey pearl necklace I'm wearing. It's one long strand looped twice.

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