Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update- Been really, really busy- I promise to continue regular posts!

This past week I've been testing a variety of ways to disguise the fact I have no eyebrows (a side effect of which is a flat-looking face) and have made some interesting discoveries.
Sunglasses are the fastest solution, provided that the pair in question is big enough to cover the whole brow area, and it's sunny outside- not a problem in SoCal.
Since I didn't technically shave my eyebrows- I gave them a very close trim- I can also use brown mascara to color the light hairs and a swab dipped in moisturizer to clean the shape. It takes practice, time, and a steady hand. I can deepen or soften the color with a light sweep of matte brown eyeshadow. You can see the result in the Style- December 24th photograph.

Downtime means sewing for me- Dad brings me hole-y cargoes to darn, Mom has a button that needs reuniting with its polo, I have to finish altering a white button-down, create a skirt from scratch, and complete the pillows calling my name. This Saturday, I break out the sewing machine.

I've been watching the sales with a hawk-like eye and preparing to swoop in at a moment's notice. I already picked up some much-needed black jeans and black ballet flats at Target, along with grey trousers and black motorcycle boots, which I have been waiting for to go on sale all year. I'll also be angling for a trip to Saver's early-to-mid January, which is an excellent time to get goodies; "people" like to drop the stuff after Christmas/New Year, spring cleaning, and summer's move.
I had better shut up here before I give away any more of my secrets!

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