Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Style- Sorrow Dolly

Today's outfit is brought to you by the Frankenstein's Monster Method. To use F.M.M:
   1. Walk, uninspired and sleepy, to closet doors.
   2. Raise arms at ninety degree angle from shoulders, straight in front of you.
   3. Close eyes and make gravelly moaning noises (if you're a night person, this should come naturally).
   4. Grab first thing you touch. Build outfit around it.

Mossimo tee, vintage skirt, Merona tights, Mossimo ballet flats, hand-made necklaces.

I was already wandering in the shirt and tights, having discovered the shorts I wanted to wear were horribly proportioned for my planned outfit. I used F.M.M. and caught this from my skirt area. I immediately thought it wouldn't mesh well, but it actually ended up reminding me of Alice Roi Fall/Winter '07. Which is great, because I have been trying to make an outfit inspired by that precise show.

They, in turn, were inspired by "[T]he book Madeline... the idea of a little girl, but broken and a little scarred up."

Alice Roi F/W '07 from

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