Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Makeup: Painted Hearts

My choker-and-fingerless gloves project is on hold as my mum has some stuff happening in her life... but! we may be able to work on it today.
Anyway. On to the main subject.

It's weird, the stranger my makeup is the happier I am. Wearing brown- or pink-tone "natural look" makeup makes me feel blah. So my mission is to find a happy medium betwixt that and my Firebird Masque look. This is one solution!

On second thoughts the black line should have gone on the other side of the heart, but I was masking an imperfect line - next time if I have the same problem I'll draw completely around the heart.

Today's makeup inspired by this photo, of Emilie Autumn-

Now, if I could find a white top hat...

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