Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Style: Lightening up for Work

My managers were slightly teasing me on my affinity for black-on-black-on-black clothes, AND I do work at a mainstream store heading into the summer months, so I decided to lighten up a little.
I got this scarf for my birthday and I need to remember to wear it! It blends quite nicely, the outfit overall has a rather watercolor effect, doesn't it?

Target scarf, tee, Brooks Brother's skirt, no name belt, Merona watch, tights, and shoes, my own bracelet and necklace.

I also had to do a bit of jewelry-altering today. The earrings I bought from Claire's were on fishhooks, so I converted them to clips... while running around my room holding my new cameo (from Wal-mart) against various silver and pewter chains, trying to find a match to the hematite-colored metal. I finally settled on my own pearl necklace- they work well together! The whole thing does have the tendency to bounce on my chest when I run, so to extend the cameo's stability and versatility, I'm going to attach a pin backing to it.

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