Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Makeup: Merrihel's Monster

*Starring the Gloombat*

Zombie makeup is good anytime of year!
Green, grey, and purple shadows on face; pink, purple, green, blue, and charcoal shadows on eyes; purple lipstick, gray, purple, and blue shadows on mouth. He also had fake blood dribbling down his chin.

While we were checking out lighting, Gloombat had the camera slung around his neck, claiming to be a zombie journalist interviewing me for "The Apocalypse Times." Questions ran along lines important to this era in America, such as, "Whhhacktz urG pinyak onrgins Riiiiptz Monrgonlaoi?" and "Migzzz plaggrg tik urG plaxgalk?" (Translation for non-Ghoulish speakers: What's your opinion of Mitt Romney? May I please take your picture?)

His tee, belt, jeans and shoes, my shirt worn as jacket.

By far my favorite photo.

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