Friday, June 8, 2012

Artwork: The Mad Bride

Auto-corrected photo
This blushing- well, consumptive- bride hails from the same weird, fantastical corner of my brain as Lunatica, Witch of Madness.
She's three parts Miss Havisham, one part "what if Lorna Doone died anyway" and one part Emily, the Corpse Bride. She's sweet and thoughtful, offering everyone she meets tea, followed by a polite, "Do you take arsenic or cyanide?"
No one really knows how died (ergo, I haven't made a backstory yet), but her white satin gloves are stained incurably with Someone's blood, and her white gown is now grey and tattered.
Oh yes, and if you look closely, you can make out the tiny bat on her teacup!

I'm working on another of her so I could upgrade her dress, closer to my original idea. I am also adding background decor- she's sitting in a iron work chair like you might find in an old-fashioned ice cream shop, except the back is a skull!


  1. She's delightfully creepy! And she has a fabulous sense of fashion. ;) I like the horizontal stripes on one stocking and vertical on the other - nice touch!


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