Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeup: Playing-Card Nails

I'm sorry I haven't posted: between school, work, and my brother and my schedules hardly crossing paths I haven't been able to take any photos! However I'm back with a quick blow-by-blow of today's manicure. It is complicated, certainly.

I started with a basecaot and two coats of Crabtree & Evelyn's Snowdrop nail polish. I am so impressed with the formula: before I bought I tested it over black polish to see how opaque it was. It covered completely! Also, it has a soft cast to it as opposed to a gray cast some whites have (OPI, I'm looking at you) which is very flattering.

Then, with my Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Silver, I made vertical lines on all nails but my ring fingers.

Dipping a very fine-tipped brush in OPI's Bastille My Heart, I drew lines on my ring fingers (I messed this hand up a little), a heart on each index and a diamond on each pinkie.

Using the same brush and OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, I drew clubs on my thumbs and spades on my middle fingers. I thought briefly of spades on my ring fingers and birds/birdcages on my middle fingers but I do have a job and a sense of decency. :-P

Everything was finished with a OPI top coat.

For my first shot at this- although last week I played with background designs- I'm quite proud!

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