Monday, January 14, 2013

Style: Damask Corduroy Shirt

Last Saturday I went on a thrifting haul at Salvation Army- there's one at the same strip mall as my orthodontist. Bought an Ann Taylor black-and-white floral flared knee-length skirt perfect for summer, an American Apparel black handkerchief hem skirt, a Coldwater Creek grey damask-print corduroy button front, another grey utilitarian-style blouse, a grey striped thermal shirt, and a red tunic. All for $14!!! I love thrifting!

This shirt is great right now because it's freezing cold, literally, the dew drops are freezing on our cars every night. And this is an elegant alternative to flannel for an elegantly-minded person.

The new CC cord shirt in action, with a thrifted faux button-front skirt, vintage belt, Talbot's hose, and Merona shoes.
My tights sustained a massive run in the right calf today, sadly. The silver lining is that if I'm at home, I just change them. If I'm at work, I can buy another pair for less than $5.

I'm on a diet right now where I eat a set amount of an animal protein, vegetable, and fruit every day. I feel great and my skin looks incredible, pregnant-woman glowy. I've never seen it so flawless and smooth before. I'm not even wearing concealer anymore!

Me, wearing sunblock.
Last week I got caught looking and had to apply my eyeliner at a bus stop on the way to work, without any eyeshadow. I decided to get a little four-color palette for my purse in case of future forgetfulness, and I chose Relvon's 16HR in Siren because it has a shade set closest to what I use from my 144 color palette. I'm wearing it here and quite like it.
Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow on lips.

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