Monday, January 7, 2013

Style: Fairytales and Darker

My mother's, brother's and my favorite modern show is Once Upon A Time- we love sitting down on a weekday evening, plugging the computer into the TV set, and watching it on Hulu! (Less commercials that way.)
My clothes today were appropriately inspired: flowing long skirt, rabbit necklace, flushed makeup. It's toned down versus what I could do, but I'm headed to work!

Susie Rose shirt, vintage skirt, Talbot's tights, Merona shoes, H&M necklace. I later pulled on a wooly, hooded, cardigan thingy that made me look like I should be creeping through the woods, dark flowers blooming in my wake...

Where I do get the most freedom is my nails: and this morning I laid the foundation for an Alice in Wonderland card-deck look. Each white nail will be painted with a red heart or diamond, or a black club or spade.
My ears are hidden in the photos but I had a magnetic earring where a helix piercing goes- I don't have any real piercings right now but I like how it looks.

Aaand- one of my coworkers asked me to do her makeup! She very interested in a 50's retro look but has no past experience with red lipstick, while I have quite a bit as I wear it almost every day. We plan to meet sometime this month when our school and work schedules aren't colliding. :P

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